About Jiehan Company

Foshan Jiehan Furniture company was established in2012 and specializes in furniture, including bedroom, dining room and living room furniture, We make thoughtfully designed furniture that’s affordable and super-easy to assemble, with dozens of styles inspired by current trends, including traditional, transitional, modern, urban, and contemporary. With more styles and choices you’re sure to find something you love.

Why Choose US

  • Thoughtfully designed furniture
  • Unique discoveries and treasures
  • Highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction
  • safest and lowest cost environment
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Right Product, Right quantity ,Right time

Top Categories

dining table
marble dining table
glass coffee table
modern glass dining table
gold glass coffee table

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10+ years Export Experience

In-time delivery secured by strong supply chain

High production capacity with best quality at its price

A problem-solving team with vast experience to back up

Quality improving solutions to enhance your brand